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Evaluation: Why Invest?

Evaluation can seem like a big, ambiguous investment. Often times, companies aren’t sure how to proceed with evaluation and implementing the results can seem daunting. In fact, evaluation can bring in great material for marketing and development of programs.

Evaluations come in so many shapes and sizes, with so many goals and endpoints, but the findings from any of the plethora of approaches to evaluation have have clear uses.

Imagine this run a summer empowerment camp for girls but you don’t know what the girls think of the program, how they process their experiences or if they feel more capable after attending the camp. Evaluation can help discover all the answers to these questions.

An evaluator can use statistics from quantitative data to measure the increase in the girls’ self-esteem, self-efficacy, and confidence. Stories from the girls’ about their growth experiences at the camp can add a qualitative and human aspect to the data. Both of these evaluations can be used for marketing and sales. Evaluation can also be useful if you need to present impact data to your board of directors, or if you want to apply for that big grant you’ve had your eye on.

Inclusive Educators approaches evaluation in this simple and clear manner so that you can invest in the data that you need to grow and thrive.

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