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Creative approaches to reporting findings in evaluation

Sometimes the hardest part of an evaluation is figuring out how to prepare an engaging and understandable final report. Many clients express to us their fear of receiving a final report that is full of complex math and unintelligible recommendations. We have to remember that evaluations are for THE CLIENT, not a platform for us (all evaluators) to show off our vocabularies and data analysis skills.

Here are a few ideas for how to make a final report more palatable:

  1. Create fun word clouds that we can talk through with the client. This is especially useful for evaluations that focus on experiences or understandings of a program.

  2. Integrate quotes to add more personal appeal.

  3. Explain statistical trends in clear and simple language. Graphs and charts can be helpful too!

  4. Add more color and visuals in the place of paragraphs of text.

  5. Keep recommendations practical and applicable to the client’s specific program.

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