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Discover the impact of your programming, learn the answers to your questions, and realize your goals, all with an equity focus.

Our Approach

Coming from backgrounds in education and research, we strive to balance client needs with rigorous data collection and analysis. We care about our clients. We aim to make our evaluations useful and easy to apply so that your company can continue to grow and thrive.

About Us

Megan and Rose are qualified PhD candidates in Comparative and International Development Education. 

Some of our previous clients:

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Testimonial from Patty Beadle,

Former COO of Youth Frontiers:

"I worked directly with Megan and Rose to set up our third party evaluation for our organization. We were pretty new to the process of measuring impact with a third party. They helped us with our procedures from looking at our methodologies to the final impact information we use with customers. I appreciated their knowledge, skill, and organization. Not to mention they are both delightful people to work with!"